F1 vs F1b: What’s the Difference?

The info on this page applies to Sheepadoodles and Bernedoodles too.

Getting Started

Best known for their friendly and outgoing nature, Labradoodles and Goldendoodles are a sweet-natured and enthusiastic breed. These dogs thrive on strong and dependable relationships with humans, and require almost constant attention and stimulation. These breeds are very intelligent and generally quite easy to train. As a pet, Labradoodles and Goldendoodles are obedient, loyal, loving, and affectionate. These dogs are not suited for full-time indoor or apartment living, as they enjoy spending time outdoors, playing games such as fetch and tug-of-war, and taking long walks.

There are many benefits to owning a Labradoodle or Goldendoodle. This active breed is always on the go, and often quite amusing and entertaining to watch while at play. When properly socialized from a young age, they get along well with small children and other pets, often making friends quickly due to their social nature. Labradoodles and Goldendoodles are obedient, loyal, loving, and affectionate, making them an excellent family pet and companion alike.

Due to its need for human attention and eagerness to please and impress its owner, Labradoodles and Goldendoodles generally responds well to basic training and commands. These bright dogs have the ability to learn to perform most any task their trainer is willing to take the time to teach.

Not much difference there!

I feel Labradoodles and Goldendoodles are so similar in their personalities that not one or the other is better in that way.

The Short Version

F1 Labradoodles will shed, F1 Goldendoodles tend to shed a little less than F1 Labradoodles but they still shed. F1 Labradoodles do not typically need haircuts because they don’t get tons of hair like F1 Goldendoodles, F1 Goldendoodles need regular grooming and haircuts – the longer you want their hair the more grooming they will need.

F1’s are not recommended if you have allergies. F1B Labradoodles and F1B Goldendoodles are pretty much the same, they both will shed little, if at all, depending on final adult coat, they both need regular grooming and haircuts and they both get fluffy shaggy coats. F1B’s are recommended if you have allergies.

OK that’s all :)………For the long version of the differences between the two read below.

Looks…NOW HERE COMES A BIT OF DIFFERENCE: F1 Generation One parent is a golden or lab the other is a Poodle.

50%Lab / 50%Poodle = F1 Labradoodle
50%Golden / 50%Poodle = F1 Goldendoodle

Labs do not have long coats, goldens do so…guess what happens when you breed a lab to a poodle? or a golden to a poodle? Your F1 Labradoodles get a little bit of shag and your F1 goldendoodles get a lot. (See Pictures)

F1 Labradoodles will have less hair so that means less grooming. F1 Labradoodles typically will only need brushing, not haircuts like F1 Goldendoodles need every 4-10 weeks or so. All though F1 Labradoodles won’t need haircuts and their coats are low maintenance there is a downside to this, F1 labradoodles have a coarser coat than a F1 Goldendoodle so their coats will still shed. They are not recommended if you have allergies.

F1 Goldendoodles need lots of brushing and grooming and haircuts to keep their coats manageable, about every 4 weeks to keep them long and every 8-10 weeks if you have them clipped shorter. They can be more prone to ear infections and body odor if their coats are not kept groomed. F1 Goldendoodles are less prone to shed if they have lots of coat, if they do shed it tends to be more in the form of dust bunnies and not floating hair.

F1’s are not recommended for severe allergies because of the shedding. It’s hard to tell for sure who will shed and who won’t until they get their adult coats which isn’t until they are almost grown. Typically, the more coat a puppy has the less he/she will shed. I know this seems weird but if you think about it, the more coat the puppy has the more poodle coat gene he/she has too, which means less shedding.

Looks: Not So Different After All

F1B Generation – One parent is an F1, the other is a Poodle.

25%Lab / 75%Poodle = F1B Labradoodle
25%Golden / 75%Poodle = F1B Goldendoodle

This is where it gets a bit tricky. When you breed a shaggy F1 Labradoodle or a shaggy F1 Goldendoodle to a poodle you pretty much get a shaggy F1B puppy, now their is a slight chance you will get some grandparent throw-back straighter coats but maybe only one/two per litter. The wavy and curly varieties will typically shed little, if at all, once their adult coat is in. There isn’t a whole lot of difference in the looks between a F1B Labradoodle or a F1B Goldendoodle, the main difference in the F1’s is the amount of hair each has but when you get into the F1B where they
are 75% poodle, the pups will all have fluffy hair, full beards and long shaggy non-shedding coats.

The main difference between the F1 and F1B variety is F1’s will shed, to what degree you can’t really tell until they are grown and their final coats are in. F1B’s shed very little, if at all. F1 Labradoodles do not require regular haircuts, F1B Labradoodles, F1B Goldendoodles and F1 Goldendoodles will all need regular haircuts at the groomers every 4-10 weeks depending
how you want them to look. The longer you want them the more they will need brushed and groomed.

F1B’s are recommended for allergies. I’ve had families with severe allergies get an F1b and no issues occurred.

Now to Really Confuse You

F1B.B. Generation – One parent is an F1b the other is a Poodle.
12.5%Lab / 87.5%Poodle = F1B.B Labradoodle
12.5%Golden / 87.5%Poodle = F1B.B Goldendoodle

Some breeders call this mixture a Multigen but I prefer the term F1B.B. I think this lets you know there is a bit more poodle in the mix than your traditional F1b breeding. We had our first F1B.B litter in 2014. I’ve included pictures of that litter below so you can see what you think. I can tell you I am totally in love with this particular pairing. The pups are all so cute, their coats are wonderful and the pups are extremely friendly and easy going. I think I’ve got a good thing going with F1B.B pups. An F1B.B would be a super choice for someone with major allergy concerns. They are 87.5% poodle so the shedding….I think, should be nearly non existent. Regular grooming is required and is typical of what an F1b doodle would need, clipped every 4-10 weeks depending on how you want them to look.

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