English vs American Doodles

This page should help explain the differences between English Golden vs American Golden and English Goldendoodle vs American Goldendoodle.

An English Golden Puppy
An American Golden Puppy
English Goldens have brilliant white or very light cream colored coats. They are shorter in stature, broader, larger boned, have wider muzzles and heads when compared to the American Golden Retriever, their coats often tend to be thicker and more plush than the American version, they are also very intelligent, calm and have loving personalities. English Golden Retrievers that have been Imported from Europe are known to be healthier, in order to breed there, your dogs all have to be genetically tested and certified, therefore weeding out bad breeders and unhealthy parent dogs.
Our English Goldendoodles will have the classic teddy bear look with a blocky head, stocky body, soft plush teddy bear coats and full faces. They will be light cream in color with black points (lip, eye rim and nose color).

The “Mother’s” of our English Goldendoodles are European English Golden Retrievers, bred and Imported directly from Europe, they have different bone structure compared to the domestic American golden retrievers, they have bigger and bolder bones, wider chest and shorter and more squared face than the domestics. The coat is softer, and is a gorgeous color of light cream. They are also shorter in size and have the calm, laid back personalities that the English Goldens are well known for.
ULI our English Golden Retriever
TAYLOR our American Golden Retriever (retired)
The most obvious difference between English and American Goldens is the color of their coat. What you can’t really tell from pictures is that Uli’s face and “stop” the name for the area where the muzzle and eyes meet is sloped a bit different than Taylor’s, that is a common trait of the English Golden. You can see that Uli’s head is much bigger than Taylors, her build is much thicker and stockier as well.
Ester an English Goldendoodle
Hazel an American Goldendoodle
The main difference you will see in the English Goldendoodles vs American Goldendoodles again will be the color. This picture shows you the coloring that the English doodles will have vs. the more golden color of the American version. The English doodles will have a softer coat and will have black points and keep them, American doodles points can fade to a brownish tint as they age, mainly the nose.
Our English Goldendoodles will have a stockier frame, wider head and muzzle more in favor of the Golden looks vs the Poodle looks. They will have the classic “Teddy Bear” look with a blocky head, stocky body, soft and fluffy coat. They will be light cream in color with black points (lip, eye rim and nose color).

As far as personalities go, they say English are more laid back but honestly a lot has to do with how the parents are. Our puppies, English or American seem to be on the calmer side vs hyper, thanks to our awesome poodle boys! 🙂
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