About Me

My name is Tara Mitchell, I am a professional dog groomer for a living. I grew up on a farm with chickens, ducks, pigs cows and turkeys and of course dogs and cats too.

I have been professionally involved with dogs since I was 15 and have always had love for animals of all kinds. I worked as a kennel manager for 10 years, which included everything from answering the phone, to grooming…it was a lot of work. After that I worked at a wonderful kennel facility as a dog/cat groomer for 5 years.

I have so much knowledge about dogs and cats from working at kennels it’s not even funny. I was also involved with taking care of litters of puppies for the 10 years that I helped manage at the first kennel. If you want to include those puppies, I have been dealing with doggies professionally for over 15 years!

Our first litter of puppies was born in 2000, it was a litter of black labrador retriever puppies-they were the cutest. My love of labradors transitioned me into breeding labradoodles which transitioned me into breeding goldendoodles which will probably transition me into breeding poodles at some point and maybe goldens too!

My dogs mean the world to me, they are my children. Since having actual human children is not in our plans, raising puppies and having my own dogs to take care of once they have found homes is all I need. The time I have to put into raising puppies is great. Since I no longer work outside our home, I am here with the puppies 24/7- playing, feeding, cleaning, kissing, hugging and raising them with such love. It is so important to socialize puppies and start them off right.

Puppies are born and raised in a home environment, I help deliver each and every one of them. I love to update my website often, when puppies are here I take new pictures and post them weekly. When they really start to get fun and active I post videos of them so you can join in on the fun too and watch your puppy play. This is a great way to keep puppies safe and protect them from dangerous diseases. It also gives those on the list something to look forward to as you anxiously await your new arrival to come home.

I am married to my middle school sweetheart…yes, middle school!!! Eighth grade to be exact, and no we weren’t married in 8th grade. We didn’t get married until 2003 but we have been together since 1993. He is the love of my life and has had to listen to so many dog stories and does so somehow without seeming bored…although sometimes he wants to know how I would like to hear his computer programming and mold making work stories day after day. Hey, what can I say–dogs are my life. Love me–Love my dogs!
Our Labrador ~ Allie with her and our first litter of Labrador Puppies born May 13th 2000. Rest in peace Da Boos – 4/28/99-6/20/14