options for our out of State Customers
~Shipping and Delivery Options~
We are no longer shipping puppies via air cargo. We do however still have options
available for those out of state. Please read about your options below.
Option #1 - You or someone you know can fly to us and we will meet you at the airport with your puppy.
Your puppy can safely fly home in cabin with you.

We can meet you at either
Bishop International Airport in Flint Michigan or Detroit Metro Airport
(click links to learn more about each).

There is a $75 fee for us to meet at the airport.
We are available any day of the week to provide this service. Weekends are limited.

You will be responsible to purchase and bring the carrier your puppy will need to fly home in. I
recommend a soft sided carrier. All airlines have their own rules regarding pets in cabin, some require
a health certificate for the puppy which if needed I can get that for $50. I suggest that only adult
family member(s) fly in to get the puppy. It will be easier and less confusing for all involved.

Option #2 - You can fly in to  Bishop International Airport in Flint Michigan or Detroit Metro Airport
in Detroit Michigan. (click links to learn more about each). Once you arrive you can then go to one of
the many car rental companies located near the airport and rent a car, many have shuttle services that
will take you right to them. You can drive to our home, meet the puppies and parents in person. You can
pickup your puppy and then take them home on the flight back.
We may have the option of delivering via ground depending on your area. This is on a case by case
basis and will be priced according to your distance from us. Feel free to inquire anytime.