Hi Tara:

Our vet for Lily is at:
Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates (Dr. Windsor) (248) 646-5655
32831 Southfield Road
Beverly Hills, Michigan 48025

We would definitely recommend Dr. Windsor.  We take Lily to Pet Smart to have her
groomed.  They do a great job on her.

Also, thank you again so much for Lily.  She is an absolutely amazing puppy!  She has
TONS of energy but she really is just the sweetest dog.  And, she is definitely taking
well to all of the training.  We will be sure to send you pictures in the coming months.  
Attached is one cropped picture though!  It is all that I have on my work computer! :)

Talk to you soon,
Anchor Bay Veterinary Center – in New Baltimore

(586) 725-8900


Laura (aka Joey’s (Diamond) (Joon’s brother’s) – owner!

Nice to hear from you, Quincy is doing great.  He is loved by all, and I forward
your name to anyone that asks.  He is mellow and has such a kind spirit.  I live
in Northville, but I go to a vet in Novi, called Meadowbrook Veterinary, and
they also have another one in the area call Breckenridge.  I have been very
happy with all of them.  As far as grooming, I take him to a gal called Holly
which works at "Canine To Five" which is a Doggy DayCare in downtown
Detroit.  By the way, they have had pictures taken of their favorite dogs by a
professional photographer (MOD4) and guess who has a 24x36 picture on
the wall?  He is one of their favorites.   
Hope this helps.  I can 't ever thank you enough for the joy that he has given

Hi Tara,

Cooper is great!  We get so many
compliments on him when we walk:)

His groomer is Angie at petsmart in west
bloomfield at 14mile and Orchard lk. (248)

Jen, Bert, and Cooper Green
We have yet to find a great groomer. Our vet is
Canton Animal on Canton Center in Canton.
Thought I would send you a picture of Toby who
was a year in May. He is a great family dog!

Hi Tara - For grooming, I take Sawyer to Lil Nell's in Walled
Lake (248-926-8841).  They do a fantastic job with him,
and I do know how hard it is to find a good groomer!  

I also use the Walled Lake Vet Hospital on Maple Rd.
(248-624-4829).  I have found many vets to be a bit
impatient after years in the profession, but Dr. Burns and
his team still truly love animals and treat them like
members of the family.  Hope that helps!  

Btw, Sawyer is now 3 years old and in the prime of his life.  
Every day we wonder how we got so lucky to find such a
sweet dog.  

Thank you,
Recommended Veterinarians, Groomers and Daycare Facilities from owners of our puppies.
Hi Tara,

We recently got a small cottage in northern
Michigan and Kaci is lovin life, romping in the
woods and swam in a lake for the first time today.
Great escape from Arizona :)
We have a great groomer in Scottsdale, Arizona,
"Grooming Tails"  480-348-2457.
Sandy Smith
As you know...we love our Lexie.  She's awesome.  Such a
great personality.  I think she's just like her mama, her
favorite toy is a tennis ball.  She's loves any size ball, but
tennis is her best.  We just got home from TN, she rides so
well in the car; and camping!
We like our vet.  We've been going there for about eight
years or so. It's the Brighton Animal Hospital on Grand River
in Brighton 810-227-4351.
We take Lexie to Animal Crackers pet salon in Hartland on
M-59 810-632-3344
They both treat her very well and love her like we do!  
I've told anyone and everyone how happy we are that we got
her from you : )  Everyone always says how lucky we are that
she's such a good girl and being as young as she is, she
listens for the most part, until she gets soooo excited, she
forgets to listen, lol.
Hope everything is good with you!  
~ Cristie   
Proud to be an owner recommended doodle breeder!