We understand that you have many choices of breeders from where you can select your new Doodle Baby.
You will also see a variety of prices among these breeders.
Remember that you will often
“get what you pay for.”

We feel that in order to get the best quality pet, you need to select a quality breeder who has taken the
necessary steps to ensure that the parent dogs and their puppies are as healthy and genetically sound as
possible.  This kind of quality, of course, will mean a higher price tag, but will protect you and benefit you in the
long run.  A cheaper dog may mean a dog that is not healthy or of sound temperament, and could mean more
heartache and money spent down the road.

It’s not cheap to raise dogs, nor is it cheap to breed them. We have spent a lot of time, money, and effort  into
choosing our parent dogs and testing them before proceeding with breeding to help ensure healthy offspring
and outstanding temperaments.  We are confident that, should you purchase a puppy from us, you will be more
than satisfied with your new family member and the service you receive!

All puppies are sold on a strict Spay/Neuter agreement.
Breeding of our dogs/puppies is not allowed or granted to anyone.
~Pricing for our puppies~
To see what all is included with the purchase of our Doodles please click here.....Included with Purchase.
What we breed and how big they typically get.  If not listed, we don't breed them.

Goldendoodle - Standard Sizes - our standard Goldendoodles are not HUGE, typically 45-65lbs grown.
F1bb Labadoodles - Standard Sizes - Our Standard Labradoodles are typically 45-65lbs grown.
Bernedoodle - Medium Sizes - Our Medium Bernedoodles are typically 40-60lbs grown.
Bernedoodle - Standard Size - Our Standard Bernedoodles are typically 60-85lbs grown.
Sheepadoodles - Standard Size - Our Standard Sheepadoodles are typically 45-75lbs grown.
We require a deposit to be placed on our waiting list. The amount required is $500.
All deposits and payments required will go towards the purchase price of the puppy. The balance is due upon pickup.
F1 and F1b Standard Goldendoodles are $2400.
F1b.b Labradoodles are $2200. We will have 1 litter of F1b.b pups per year.
We no longer breed F1b.b Goldendoodles.
F1 Standard Sheepadoodles are $2500, *blue eye pups are more*
F1b Standard Sheepadoodles are $2000-3000/priced per litter depending on color, *blue eye pups
are more*
Any Sheepadoodle with a blue eye add $500-$1000, very rare in our program and won't likely happen
often. If both eyes are blue add $1000.
Bernedoodles will be priced once born depending on colors/markings.
See litter page when available.
Generally they are $2000-3000 (Bi-Colors) $3000(Sables) $3000 and up (Tri Colors)
We may or may not send pups home sterilized, if we do or don't the price will be the same. It will be
noted on the litter page if so.
F1b Goldendoodle
F1 Goldendoodle
F1 Sheedadoodle
F1 Sheedadoodle
F1 Sheedadoodle
F1 Bernedoodle
Mouse over to see her baby pic.
F1 Bernedoodle
Mouse over to see his baby pic.
F1 Bernedoodle
Mouse over to see his baby pic.
Tri Color