~Deposit Process~
The deposit policy is quite simple.
Deposits are accepted at anytime for pups we have now or for future litters. We do typically prefer to take deposits once girls
are confirmed pregnant but deposits are welcomed to secure your spot at anytime.
We require a $500 nonrefundable/nontransferable* deposit to reserve a puppy from the litter that interests you.
All deposits and payments go towards the posted price of the puppy.
Deposits are always nonrefundable but *may be transferred if needing to cancel before the litter is 6 weeks old.

The $500 deposit is not refundable***. We do this because some people will put their names on several
breeder’s lists and take the first available puppy. From very early on we begin looking for the characteristics and personality
traits in our puppies that are best for each family on our list. When there is a non-refundable deposit involved the chances
are a lot higher that the party will be dedicated to picking a puppy from us and will not make an impulsive decision to buy
the first puppy they see. Your deposit is made to hold a puppy for you!
***The deposit is always refundable if once you've come to see the pups you don't like me, the parents or the
puppy you've chosen then your deposit will be refunded in full and you will have no obligation to finalize
the purchase of the puppy.