Minnie's Page
*OFA Hips: Good
*OFA Elbows: Normal
*OFA Heart: Normal
*OFA Thyroid: Normal
*OFA Patellas: Normal
Clear for all the below genetic tests-
*Degenerative Myelopathy
*Progressive Retinal Atrophy
*Progressive Retinal Atrophy
*Progressive Retinal Atrophy
*Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration
-F1 Standard English Goldendoodles -
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Asher's Page
*OFA Hips: Good
*PENN Hip -90% (awesome,
poodles average 50%)
*OFA Elbows: Normal
*OFA Thyroid: Normal
*OFA Heart: Normal
*OFA Patellas: Normal
*CERF: Normal
*PRA: Clear w/Optigen
*vWD: Clear w/VetGen
*Neonatal Encephalopathy: Clear
Breed: F1 Small Standard English Goldendoodles
Parents: Minnie and Asher
Born: 12/19/17
Ready: 2/24/18
Colors: Cream and Apricot
Estimated adult size: 40-60lbs

Minnie and Asher's- F1 English Goldendoodles are $2400
If you'd like to reserve one of Minnie's puppies feel free to contact me here.
Once we've talked and you've decided an Apple Creek Doodle is the one for you then..... Please fill
out my puppy application and send in your $500 deposit to hold until pickup.
Minnie and Asher's pups are here. We have one or two F1
English Goldendoodle litters per year and this will likely be
our only litter for 2018. Since she is a smaller girl I'd
guess her pups will be 40-60lbs grown.
Puppies are ready to take home now.
The puppies are pictured below, updated 2/27/18.
For more information on this litter feel free to email me at
Click here to see past pups from Martha and Minnie, Asher
was the dad to both and Minnie and Martha are full sisters.
Past puppies all have great personalities and temperaments.
The puppies are eating TLC Pet Food, Puppy Variety. It's a
high quality food and the puppies love it. Above, is a coupon
for you to use for your first order, click on it and it will take
you to TLC Pet Food's website where you can order the
puppies food and tasty bone treats too. This food is only
available direct from TLC, you can't get it in stores.
Mia - Orange Ribbon Girl
Super playful and loves her toys.
Martin - Blue Ribbon Boy
Available - $2400
Smallest of the litter, cuddly and sweet.