Laney's Page
*OFA Hips: Excellant
*OFA Elbows: Normal
*OFA Heart: Normal
*OFA Thyroid: Normal
*OFA Patellas: Normal
Clear for all the below genetic tests-
Platelet Disorder
Progressive Retinal Atrophy
Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration
Von Willebrand Disease I
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~Laney and Asher's F1 Standard Bernedoodle Puppies~
Asher's Page
*OFA Hips: Good
*PENN Hip -90% (awesome,
poodles average 50%)
*OFA Elbows: Normal
*OFA Thyroid: Normal
*OFA Heart: Normal
*OFA Patellas: Normal
*CERF: Normal
*PRA: Clear w/Optigen
*vWD: Clear w/VetGen
*Neonatal Encephalopathy: Clear
Past Laney pups are pictured above.