"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention,
sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution; it represents the
wise choice to many alternatives” – William A. Foster
The way we typically do things has changed due to Covid - 19 our new pickup process is described below, this is
what you can expect for the foreseeable future here at Apple Creek.
We are now practicing social distancing here at Apple Creek due to Coronavirus concerns.....effective
immediately......please limit the number of people coming to pick up the puppy. We are pretty much doing
curbside pickups :) we have a gated area as you approach our porch area, I will meet you there. If just one/two
people can come that would be great, if that is not possible and the whole family needs to come we ask that just
one adult comes out of the car to physically get the puppy and sign paperwork. We have individual times for
each family to come to avoid large groups. Parents are not being shown at this time. All pickups will be outside so
dress accordingly, we will not have restroom facilities available, your last pit stop area is 10 minutes from our
location so plan ahead and allow extra time if you will need to stop before your pickup appointment time as other
families will be scheduled before and after you.  
F1b Bernedoodles - Small to Medium Size
Mom is 18" tall and 31lbs, Dad is 21" tall and 50lbs.
5 girls (4 merle and 1 black) and 2 boys, both merle.
I will update again in a few weeks when their eyes are open.
The deposit/reservation list will no be opening for a good month, keep
tabs on this page for updates. I am not taking any deposits or
applications at this time, I will be waiting until puppies are older to start
that process. Puppies will be priced once their eyes are open, $4000
-$4500 for the merles.
Born 12/29/2020 - Go home day 3/6/2021
Litter page will post with the next update.

I have a contact list with 10 people on it. If any pups are available after I
contact the list I will post that info. here.