Frequently Asked Questions
Can we come visit to see your dogs and puppies?
Families often ask to visit Apple Creek and meet our dogs. There is no easy response to this request because we understand your
desire to see, first hand, where your puppy comes from. We know that you would like to meet the puppies before you bring one
home to become part of your families. However, our visitor policy is limited to those with deposits who have reserved a puppy.
Due to the prevalence of and easily spread Parvo virus we are no longer accepting visitors to our home except for the families with
deposits and only when they come to pick up their puppies at 8-9 weeks old. At this time you will be able to meet mom and dad
and will be welcomed into our puppy place to see where they play and hang out.  If for any reason you are not happy with the
puppy, the parents or the environment in which they are raised then we will offer you a refund of your deposit and in no way
should you feel obligated to keep the puppy.

Where are you located?
We are located just NW of Port Huron, Michigan in the city of CLYDE, ZIP CODE 48049. It is about 1 hour 30 minutes from
Detroit Metro Airport, 2 hours from Ann Arbor, 2 hours 45 minutes from Mt. Pleasant, 3 hours from Grand Rapids, 4 hours 20
minutes from Traverse City. We are about 5 1/2 hours from Chicago IL, 2 hours from the Michigan/Ohio border, 4 hours from
Fort Wayne, IN and 5 hours 45 minutes from Indianapolis, IN.

Do you ship your puppies?
Please contact me about our shipping options as these have changed. We try to offer delivery via ground but this can be limited to
certain areas, we do not ship our puppies via air at all.

Do you have an application form that I need to fill out?
Yes, you will need to fill out this form only if you are reserving a puppy.

How do I reserve a puppy?
It's easy. Fill out my application form and then you can make your $500 deposit via paypal to reserve a pup from a current or
planned litter. You can also send a personal check for the deposit if you don't want to use paypal. Paypal fees do apply. Your
deposit will only be accepted if you plan to pick your puppy up when they are ready to go. I no longer keep puppies once they are
ready to go to their new families. For deposit information
click here.

Is the $500 deposit refundable?
Yes and No** - *#1 No, the $500 deposit is not refundable. We do this because some people will put their names on several
breeder’s lists and take the first available puppy. From very early on we begin looking for the characteristics and personality traits in
our puppies that are best for each family on our list. When there is a non-refundable deposit involved the chances are a lot higher
that the party will be dedicated to picking a puppy from us and will not make an impulsive decision to buy the first puppy they see.
Your deposit is made to hold a puppy for you and to reserve your picking order.
*#2 Yes - The deposit is only refundable if once you've come to see the pups you don't like me, the parents or the puppy you've
chosen then your deposit will be refunded in full and you will have no obligation to finalize the purchase of the puppy.

How does the picking process work?
See our page on this topic here...Selection Process

Will you keep puppies once they are ready to go?
NO, I am no longer keeping puppies once they are of age to go to their new families. I feel the early age is very important for you
to bond with your new puppy. I will only accept deposits from those who plan to pick up when the pups are ready to go. Otherwise
you will need to wait for a later litter or find a breeder with a litter better suited for your schedule. Typically deposits are received
way before litters are even born, that gives you plenty of time to plan for when your puppy will need to be picked up and you can
spend those special first days bonding with your new puppy.

Will I be able to choose my puppy?
Yes, you will be able to choose what puppy you want. Since we are around the puppies from birth and are aware of their
personalities we can suggest which puppy will fit into the lifestyle of your family but ultimately you will choose which puppy you
want based on my opinions or yours. Puppies are picked starting at 5-6 weeks old for labradoodles, goldendoodles and
sheepadoodles, Berendoodles are selected once 2-3 weeks old due to the unusual colors per litter.

Are your parents health tested?
YES, we have worked very hard to make sure we are only breeding the healthiest of dogs. All parents health certificates will come
with each puppy in their custom made folders. We are very proud to have only quality health tested moms and dads so we can have
the best doodle babies possible.

Do you offer a health warranty?
Yes, all of our doodles are sold with a 24 month health warranty against genetic hip, elbow, eye and heart defects. You do not have
to return your doodle to use this guarantee. To read our complete health warranty click here...
2 year warranty

Are your puppies spayed/neutered before they go?
UPDATE 11/2017. We are looking into sending our Bernedoodle and Sheepadoodle puppies home unable to reproduce,
the process we may do will vasectomy for the males and an ovary-sparing spay for the girls, leaving the hormones
needed to grow and develop as usual. The puppies will still need to be spayed and neutered but this can be done at your
discretion and at any age you wish. More info. to come on this topic soon.

Labradoodle and Goldendoodles - We require spay/neuter/vasectomy/hysterectomy to be performed by the time your puppy
reaches 8-9 months of age. Spay/Neuter greatly reduces the chance of breast, uterine, and ovarian cancer in females and testicular
and prostate cancers in males. A neutered male does not have the sexual tendencies of a non-neutered male such as running off for
females in heat, humping, frequent marking of his territory, etc.
Spay/Neuter is also the only way to guarantee the prevention of unwanted litters.

We want to breed our doodle, is that ok?
This helps us do our part in fighting the problem of pet-overpopulation and irresponsible breeding practices.

Does a male or female make a better pet?
The wonderful personality of the DOODLE DOG is not sex specific. Males and females are equally great pets. Many people have
various reasons for preferring one sex over the other, most of which are stereotypical. Both males and females are affectionate,
playful, intelligent, trainable, and loyal. A neutered male is likely to squat to pee instead of hiking his leg, and if he does hike his
leg he’ll pee all in one spot instead of in several different places to mark his territory. A neutered male does not have the tendencies
of a non-neutered male such as running off to look for females in heat, humping, aggressive toward other male dogs, etc. Spayed
females do not have a heat cycle so you do not have to deal with bothersome bleeding during their cycle or personality changes
that can come with the hormones. Spaying and neutering greatly reduces the possibilities of breast, uterine, and ovarian cancers in
females and testicular and prostate related cancers in males.

What is the difference between a F1 and F1B? or a Labradoodle and a Goldendoodle?
See our page on this topic here....F1 vs F1B

What is the difference between an American and English Doodle?
See our page on this topic here...English vs American

How much are your doodle puppies?
See our prices here...Pricing

I've never seen a doodle before, can we come see what they look like we might be allergic?
Sorry, I don't allow visitors just to "see" what a doodle looks like. I have tons of pictures and videos available for you to view on
my site. This will give you a great idea of what a doodle looks and acts like. I only allow those that have a deposit on a puppy to
visit and only at the time they are picking up their puppy. There are so many doodles out in the world, take a trip to the park and
you're bound to see one.

Are your puppies born in your home?
Almost! We have a building 30 feet from our home where moms are kept when delivering and nursing puppies. New moms need a
quiet place to care for their puppies, we decided to give them a great place to do this away from adult dogs and the noise and
commotion they make on a daily basis and have an easier way to let them out to potty 4-5 timer per day! (their own private
fenced yard we let them out in!) It's heated and cooled and a great addition to Apple Creek for sure!! Pups are taken outside for permitting and it gives them a head start to potty training. Our puppies are very well socialized, sometimes with
adult dogs and cats as well. I spend a lot of time with my puppies, my website is updated with new pictures weekly (or so) and a
video once older. As puppies get older they get messier! This cuts down on the amount of puppy smells in our home :)
They are still brought inside to run around and play and our puppy playroom is just like a room of our house so it's a home away
from home and their own space to play in and go crazy!!

Will my puppy be potty trained when they come home?
No, we do not begin potty/house training the puppies before they come to you. It would be impossible for us to potty train a
litter of 7-12 puppies! Our puppies are very smart and with proper diligence I've been told they can be trained in as little as a few
weeks....but most pups will not be fully potty trained until 4-5 months old. The potty bells you hang on the door work great to
quicken the potty training process.

Will my puppy be crate trained when they come home?
It really depends on the litter size, I typically will put a large crate in their sleeping area that they can go in if they want. I don't
close the door but it does give them some idea of what a crate is. If I have a smaller litter, when they are older I may close them in
the crate at night to get them use to it. This doesn't crate train then fully but it will cut down on the amount of protest they will
give you come time to take them home and put them to bed at night.

Please let me know if you have any questions that were not addressed on this page.