We understand that you have many choices of breeders from where you can select your new Doodle Baby.
You will also see a variety of prices among these breeders.
Remember that you will often
“get what you pay for.”

We feel that in order to get the best quality pet, you need to select a quality breeder who has taken the
necessary steps to ensure that the parent dogs and their puppies are as healthy and genetically sound as
possible.  This kind of quality, of course, will mean a higher price tag, but will protect you and benefit you in the
long run.  A cheaper dog may mean a dog that is not healthy or of sound temperament, and could mean more
heartache and money spent down the road.

It’s not cheap to raise dogs, nor is it cheap to breed them. We have spent a lot of time, money, and effort  into
choosing our parent dogs and testing them before proceeding with breeding to help ensure healthy offspring
and outstanding temperaments.  We are confident that, should you purchase a puppy from us, you will be more
than satisfied with your new family member and the service you receive!

All puppies are sold on a strict Spay/Neuter agreement.
Breeding of our dogs/puppies is not allowed or granted to anyone.
Pricing for our puppies:
F1 Labradoodles:
Wavy coats, do shed so not good for
allergies. This breed has the fun
loving, zany personality of the lab
in a cute shaggy fur coat.  
No planned litters for 2014 or 2015
F1B Labradoodles: $2000.
Curly and Wavy low shedding coats.
Best for allergies or people who don't
want to deal with hair all over.
Do require regular grooming and
brushing if you want them in coat.
F1 Goldendoodles: $2000.
Low shedding coats, great for those
who may have had a golden in the past
and want the same personality but
less shedding. Do require regular
grooming and brushing.
F1 Miniature English or American
Goldendoodles: $2200
Wavy low shedding Coats.
Great for those wanting a stockier dog with more
golden traits, plush teddy bear coats and wider
faces. Do require regular grooming.
20-35 pounds grown.
F1B Goldendoodles: $2000
Curly and wavy low shedding coats.
Best for allergies, they do require
regular grooming and brushing if
you want to keep them in coat.
Petite F1B English or American
Goldendoodles: $2200
Perfect for those who love the looks of the
larger sized doodles but don't have the
room for a big dog. Personality and train
ability is not altered in our petites, they
are just as sweet as the big doods.
Do require regular grooming.
10-25 pounds grown.

To show our utmost appreciation to our outstanding puppy owners -
Anyone that has purchased a puppy from Apple Creek Doodles in the past will receive a
$200 discount off any puppy purchased in the future.  
To see what all is included with the purchase of our Doodles please click here.....Included with Purchase.
Proud to be an owner recommended doodle breeder!
F1B.B Goldendoodles: $2000
Curly and wavy Non-shedding coats. These
are 87.5% Poodle so they are perfect for
those who have major allergy concerns but
still want a Goldendoodle. We only have
one girl to produce F1B.B pups at this time,
availability is limited.
Petite English
Petite American
Mini English
Mini American
Standard Sizes - FYI our standards are not HUGE, generally 45-65lbs -
some can grow bigger but it's evident at 8 weeks which those may be.
The main difference between English and American as you can see is the color, English are usually light cream and
American are more golden/red in color.