~Selection Process~

All puppies will be available for reservation on individual basis once posted on my websites available page link. This might
be anywhere from 2-4 weeks old depending on the litter. Updates will start once the litter's information is posted.

OTHER DEPOSIT INFORMATION - If by chance something happens to the puppy you picked prior to the take home day
your deposit will be refunded in full or you can decide to place your deposit on another litter to the next open spot
available, or you may transfer your deposit to the next litter due to the next open spot available. Sometimes things happen,
puppies may get sick, injured or not fit for sale at the time of pickup for another reason. It's not often and never expected
but this is just so you know how it's handled if it does occur.

DEPOSIT USE - Once you've chosen your puppy, that puppy is reserved for you and your $500 deposit is used to reserve
that puppy. If anything happens to the puppy making them unfit for sale, your deposit will be refunded or transferred, it
cannot be used to pick another puppy from that litter if selections have already been made no matter what number pick you
were....unless of course there are still pups available that have not been chosen yet from the same litter as your puppy.
Once you have chosen the puppy you want you cannot decide to switch to a different one later on as I have likely turned
away people that would have wanted the pup we've been holding just for you.

Puppies are released at 8-9 weeks of age. Generally, pickup day will be the first
Saturday that the pups are of age to go home, this pickup day will be listed on each litter page. The balance is due at this
time payable in cash or cashiers check (preferred) made payable to Apple Creek Doodles. If you want to make your
final payment by
personal check, please pay 10 days before you pick up your puppy so there is time for the check to clear.

Your last pick puppy simply did not fit into any one of the above physical/behavior expectations of those who came before
you. If you have a pick, great. Pick the puppy that your heart tells you is "the one". If you don't have a pick, consider
yourself lucky, because you didn't have to go through the tough process of trying to pick one over the other, fearing you'll
make some sort of mistake. Don't feel bad about leaving a pup behind, they will all find great homes and families to love!

I do not hold puppies much past the pickup day since they need to be with their families to start the bonding process sooner
than later. Boarding fees may apply for late pickups. If you are not able to pick up your puppy on the posted take home
date then we advise waiting for another litter or getting our professional trainer to board/train your puppy. We do not
personally board puppies at our home or keep them for extra time past their take home date. Puppies that age are a
tremendous amount of work to socialize and care for properly and we look forward to well-earned rest periods in between
litters of puppies and plan our own holidays accordingly.