~The Reservation Process~
Proud to be an owner recommended doodle breeder!
Since 2001 we have been involved in raising and rearing puppies. First with a few litters of labrador retrievers and then we
transitioned to doodles in 2004. We've worked very hard to produce healthy, well socialized, even tempered, willing to
please puppies that are easy to train and eager to learn.

The reservation process is quite simple. Place a $500 non refundable/non transferable deposit to reserve a spot on the
litter that interests you. Once puppies are born, and genders are known you will place your deposit on a boy or girl puppy. I
do not allow one to be on both gender lists so you do have to choose which gender you want prior to selection day. If a
deposit is placed before the litter has been confirmed pregnant and the girl ends up not being pregnant you have the option
to have the deposit refunded in full or transferred to another litter list. All deposits and payments go towards the posted
price of the puppy.

Pictures are updated every 7-10 days....or you can watch the puppies grow. This is a very time consuming process,
sometimes I may be a day off either way but I always make it work so those with deposits get to see how much puppies
change in a weeks time. Once the puppies are older and something to see I will add a video update as well. (6-7 weeks old).
Video updates take a lot of time and use an immense amount of our Internet allowance per month so I need to be mindful of
how many videos I post each month as to not terminate our Internet connection by going over, if this happens I can't update
my site at all. It usually takes 1-2 hours per each video to upload.

Puppies are released between 8-10 weeks old, (smaller sized litters are kept longer). This date is scheduled far in advance
and if you reserve a pup from us it's expected that you are able to pickup on the scheduled release date. Raising puppies is
a lot of work, we schedule our personal time once the pups have gone to their new homes. We do not keep puppies for extra
training or more than a few days past their release date so please be aware of this before reserving a puppy. If need be
you can wait for a litter with a more convenient pickup time if the one you're waiting for will disrupt your schedule.

There are a few different selection processes depending on the litter- read below

FOR A LITTER WHERE PUPS ARE ALL THE SAME COLOR - Puppies will be grouped by gender into two lists. Pick #1,
#2 and so on for each gender. Those with deposits are given their own pickup time to come meet the pups and pick the one
you want once the puppies are ready to take home, selection times will be scheduled in order of deposits. This is generally
the first Saturday that pups are 8 1/2 - 9 weeks old. The pickup day and take home day is the same day and will be posted
on the litter page at birth of the puppies.

FOR A LITTER WITH DIFFERENT COLORED PUPS -  If the litter has a variety of colors/markings those pups are
available for immediate reservation. Puppies will be grouped according to color and gender, if there are more than 2 pups in
that color group then those pups may be selected at pickup time and will have a pick #1, pick #2 list for that color/gender
group. If there is only one pup of a certain color/gender than that puppy is available for immediate reservation. The pick
up day will still be the first Saturday the pups turn 8 1/2 - 9 weeks old and will be posted on the litter page at birth of
the puppies.

SHEEPADOODLE SELECTION PROCESS- After breeding more than a few sheepadoodle litters and seeing nothing but
great coats, personalities and temperaments I've decided to start making our sheepadoodles available for immediate
reservation once 3-4 weeks old. This means that those with deposits will reserve the puppy they want based on pictures at
3-4 weeks old. I have no doubts that every puppy in the litter will have a great coat, suburb personality and be a great
puppy inside and out. If the puppy you've chosen doesn't meet your expectations once you've come to pick him/her up then
your deposit will be refunded in full.

BERNEDOODLES - Since there are so many different color/patterns with our Bernedoodles these pups will be always be
available for immediate reservation. That means as soon as a puppy is born it can be reserved. Pickup day can be scheduled
anytime between 8-9 weeks old on an individual basis.

If by chance something happens to the puppy you picked prior to the take home day your deposit will be refunded in full,
you can also decide to switch to another litter list to the next available puppy/spot in that litter, or transfer your deposit
to the next litter due, to the next open spot available. Sometimes things happen, puppies may get sick, injured or not fit for
sale at the time of pickup for another reason.
It's not often and never expected but this is just so you know how it's handled if it does occur.

Pickup times will be scheduled in order of deposits. Each family will have their own private pickup time to play with the
puppies, meet the parent(s) and choose which puppy they want to take home. We set pickup blocks every 30 minutes,
generally the first starting at 9:30 or 10:00AM depending how many puppies are in the litter.
We are located in the State
of Michigan just outside of
Port Huron.